The Novaks hail from St. John’s, Newfoundland, where vocalist/guitarist Mick Davis, guitarist Chuck Taylor, bassist Mark Neary, and drummer Elliot Dicks launched the brash, boozy rock band in 2002. Taking inspiration from the Rolling Stones and the Faces (whose keyboardist, Ian McLagan, would later make an appearance on the band’s sophomore release), the Novaks began honing their sound in regional bars. A self-released album helped expand their audience in 2005, with several tracks receiving considerable promotion via Little Steven’s radio show. Impressed with the band’s amalgamation of retro traditions, Little Steven reissued the album in America via his own label, Wicked Cool Records. Guitarist Chuck Taylor left the lineup soon after, but the Novaks regrouped as a trio and returned to the studio, emerging one week later with 2009’s Things Fall Apart. ~ Andrew Leahey


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About Us

The Novaks are a Rock group from St. John’s, Newfoundland, a lovely little island in the north Atlantic, but geographically the worst place in the world for band headquarters. Mick sings (please take this lightly) and plays the guitar, Mark plays (…again…) the bass, Elliot plays (…nope…he’s actually quite good) the drums. The boys have one album in the shops, and one in the can, the latter waiting on some mixing and decision-making, which would move along much faster if the fellas would put the glass down for a minute. Have a listen or come to a show. It’s really up to you if they are any good or not, or what band you want to compare them to. I think they’re as good as Elvis, but then so is a hamburger. They are definitely not the worst though. Burt Finklestein